About Confiserie Geldhof

originals since 1954

In 1939, fourteen-year-old Antoine Geldhof (1925-2012) began working at a large confectionery in the Ghent area, where he was taught the 19th-century cuberdon recipe by the inventor’s grandson. After the birth of his eldest son Tony Geldhof, Antoine established ‘Confiserie Geldhof’ in the town of Eeklo. After finishing his studies, Tony Geldhof learned the tricks of the trade, from cleaning drains to managing the company, and he has been at the helm of the business to this day.

  • The only real cuberdons
  • The original since 1954
  • Undisputed market leader
  • Flemish regional product

Geldhof cuberdons are made with gum arabic (the hardened sap of the acacia tree). When the Sahel region was struck by drought in the 1980s, production was briefly threatened by a gum arabic shortage. However, the company continued its steady growth as good and bad years succeeded each other. But since the cuberdon’s recognition as a “regional product”, it has made a real comeback. With a production of over 400 tonnes, Confiserie Geldhof is currently the undisputed market leader.